1. People who wish to participate the conference are kindly requested to pre-register by e-mail.
    Office of General Affairs
    Maruyama Laboratory,
    Keio University
    The pre-registration is not necessarily required. However it will help us to grasp the approximate member of participants.

  2. Participants are also requested to pay in advance the participation fee.
    Our account number is as follows.
    三井住友銀行 三田通支店
    普通 6853753
    「数理経済学研究センター」 代表 丸山 徹
    You can also pay the participation fee at the registration desk of the conference. However the prepayment will surely be effective to avoid the congestion.

Registration Desk
The Registration Desk will be open as follows in the lobby of the North Building.
December 20, (Mon) 8:45a.m. - 17:10p.m.
December 21, (Tue) 8:45a.m. - 15:30p.m.
December 22, (Wed) 8:45a.m. - 17:10p.m.

The registration fee covers the following:
a) Participation in the scientific activities
b) Documents
c) Receptions
d) Coffee-breaks
e) Lunch in the cafeteria

Name Badges
Each registrant will receive a name badge with the symposium materials. All the member are kindly requested to wear the name badge, which will ensure that you are admitted to the activities of the conference.

General Information Desk
If you have any inquiry, please ask the General Information Desk, located in the meeting room of the North building. We hope it will be helpful for you.

Each participant is requested to show up in advance at the General Information Desk for the sake of confirmation.

The cafeteria is open during the following hours:
1st Floor of the North Building
December 20, (Mon) - 22, (Wed) 12:30p.m. - 14:00p.m.
For further information about various restaurants near the campus, please see the vicinity map. The charge for lunch in the cafeteria is included in the registration fee.

Coffee Services
Coffee, tea and cookies will be served all the day in the lobby or a meeting room adjacent to each of the halls.