Aims and Scope

 Communications in Economics and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) is the new annual journal of the Japanese Society for Mathematical Economics (JSME). It is unique in that it explicitly aims to promote collaboration between mathematical scientists seeking new research ideas from economic theory and economists seeking new mathematical tools, and to provide them with an outlet for studies in economics and other mathematical sciences. We publish in English to reach out the academic community, in Japan and beyond, and impose a strict editorial process to ensure the highest quality. Researchers who are currently not a member of the JSME are also encouraged to submit their work.

 Articles in CEMS are categorized into three groups: research articles, surveys, and others. A research article is a description of a new research result that has not been published, and a survey is a synthesis of the research results obtained so far, including those already published, from a novel perspective. Other types of papers, that do not necessarily require external reviewers, include abstracts of papers presented at the annual meetings of the JSME and other academic meetings.