Adv. Math. Econ. Volume 2, pp.137-160 (2000)

Allocations of labour resources on trajectories for the model with discrete innovations

Alexander J. Zaslavski
Department of Mathematics, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, 32000, Haifa, Israel
In [1] Makarov introduced the model with discrete innovations considered in [4-8]. The state of the economy is determined by a set of operating technologies, collection of funds corresponding to these technologies, and a set of known, but as yet not implemented technologies. To introduce a new technology, expenditures of the already utilized types of funds are required. As a result of these expenditures, the new technology at the next instant of time will be introduced into action with a certain initial reserve of the new funds. In this paper we introduce a generalization of this model which takes into account expenditures required for reallocation of labour resources. For this generalization we analyse allocations of labour resources on model trajectories.
Key Words:
trajectory, optimality criterion, superlinear function, technology