Volume 20 (2016) ISBN:978-981-10-0475-9 (Print) 978-981-10-0476-6 (Online)
Author(s) and Title Pages Abstract
Takuji Arai
Local Risk-Minimization for Barndorff-Nielsen and Shephard Models with Volatility Risk Premium

3-22 Abstract
C. Castaing, C. Godet-Thobie, L.X. Truong, F.Z. Mostefai
On a Fractional Differential Inclusion in Banach Space under Weak Compactness Condition

23-75 Abstract
Yuhki Hosoya
On First-Order Partial Differential Equations: An Existence Theorem and Its Applications

77-87 Abstract
Yoshiyuki Sekiguchi
Real Radicals and Finite Convergence of Polynomial Optimization Problems

89-99 Abstract
M. Ali Khan, Takashi Suzuki
On Differentiated and Indivisible Commodities: An Expository Re-framing of Mas-Colell’s 1975 Model

103-128 Abstract
V. Tikhomirov
Survey of the Theory of Extremal Problems

131-150 Abstract
Toru Maruyama
Fourier Analysis of Periodic Weakly Stationary Processes: A Note on Slutsky’s Observation

151-180 Abstract